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Our 8 Day Cultural safari was designed for the travelers with an adventurous spirit, seeking an intimate experience in the local African tribe, this tour is taking you to the northern Tanzania famous and fascinating tribes, visiting the Hadzabe the last bush hunters of East Africa, Visiting the Masai and the Watemi Tribe, the tour shall involve trekking of Mount Oldonyo Lengai believed as the Mount of God by the Masai tribe and visiting the Lake Natron the Factory of Flamingoes.


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You will be picked up at the Kilimanjaro International Airport and transferred to your hotel in ARUSHA town, where you will relax and rest after a long flight; you will also have dinner and overnight.
Accommodation: Zawadi Lodge

After breakfast drive to Lake Natron, lunch at Lake Natron Camp. After lunch proceed to the lake to view the flock of Flamingoes and other species of water birds, lake Natron is the sixth largest lake in Tanzania the lake is also known as the flamingo factory, it’s the only remaining breeding area for east Africa’s flamingo. Later drive back to your lodge for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation: Africa Safari Camping Ground

This will be a day which you are just up from the mountain as you will need to relax in beautiful tented lodge, later in the evening you will go to swim under a beautiful waterfalls to relax your mind, muscles and body. Later go back to your lodge for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation: Africa Safari Camping Ground

The Sanjo are a Bantu people. About 30,000 Sanjo live in northern Tanzania in the Ngorongoro district about 30-40 miles west of Lake Natron. They have lived there for centuries isolated within Maasai territory. Their origins are in central Africa and are believed to have migrated to East Africa over 4,000 years ago. The reason for their migration which took place gradually over hundreds and thousands of years is believed to have been the result of an expansion of their agricultural way of life which required fertile and well-watered land to cultivate their crops. As a result, they influenced the people around them and assimilated the customs of their neighbors. Sonjo’s primary way of life is based on herding and agriculture.
Accommodation: Public Camping

After breakfast you drive to Lake Eyasi, upon your arrival you will check in in your lodge and enjoy lunch and after lunch you will visit Datoga tribe, Datoga like the Maasai, are pastoralists. However, unlike the Maasai, these pastoralists are also skilled silversmith’s who supply the Hadzabe with iron tips, knives and spears in exchange for honey and fruits. Their origins lie in the Horn of Africa and they are thought to have immigrated some 3,000 years ago. They wear traditional dress decorated in colored beads and the women often have facial scarification for beauty. The Datoga blend in with their environment with outfits that are a reddish brown color, similar to the soil, with reddish patched leather dresses, necklaces, beadwork and bracelets. Another cultural feature that distinguishes the Datoga from other tribes is the decorative facial scarification with circular patterns around their eye. You will be welcomed at their residence and enjoy the wonderful experience, later after this incredible tour you will drive to your Camp for dinner and overnight.
Accommodation: Public Camping

On this day you will visit the Hadzabe Bushmen After earlier breakfast you will join the Hadzabe and interact with them the tribe inhabits the shores of Lake Eyasi. Lake Eyasi is one of the few places left in Africa where tribal life remains relatively untouched by regional development. The Hadzabe have called Lake Eyasi home for over 10,000 years, and still keep their hunter/gatherer lifestyle; making them one of the last bastions of ancient African tribal life. A visit to the Hadzabe lands provides visitors with a unique and unforgettable glimpse into an ancient culture. Guests are invited to stay overnight in these tribal lands and see first-hand how these people continue to hunt and forage for their food in the face of Tanzania’s ongoing development. Watching an early morning hunting display, gathering honey, and traditional dance performances are all part of the experience. The Hadzabe live in caves and they don’t wear clothes per se; they prefer wearing small bits of animal skin to cover their private parts. Their community is endangered because commercial production has taken most of their land away. This is why any safari tour companies who work with them need to do what they can to support Hadzabe’s valuable way of life. A visit to their community is a cultural experience not to be missed, and it all happens against the backdrop of beautiful Lake Eyasi. Later after this wonderful experience you will drive to Karatu where you will arrive the late afternoon and enjoy some rest at your Lodge.
Accommodation: Flamingo Safari Lodge

On this day after breakfast you will be transferred direct to the airport to connect you with a flight back home

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